söndag 4 september 2016

New Sounds: Expansive Guitar-scapes

Dagens trevligaste lyssningstips:

"Hear works that create atmospheric soundscapes through guitar loops for this New Sounds. Listen to music from the likes of Robert Fripp, David Torn, and the French artist, Colleen. As a frame to Peter Gabriel’s piano and vocal version of “Here Comes the Flood” from Fripp’s “Exposure,” are two pieces called “Water Music.” Listen to those, along with music from guitarist and sound sculptor David Torn, who on his latest, “Only Sky,” crafts some expansive and terrifying work with guitar, oud, and loops. There’s also stasis music by Scott Smallwood for the NOW Ensemble, featuring guitarist Marc Danzigers. Plus, music by Trey Gunn- known for his work in King Crimson, collaborations with Robert Fripp, his work with touch guitar (tapping), and the chapman stick - has a series of works based on Peter Gabriel's piece “Here Comes The Flood.” Hear some of those, along with soundscape music from Ancient Ocean (J .R. Bohannon) and more"

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