söndag 14 augusti 2016

Fool of Music - Marcus Reuter Compilation

“Fool of Music - A glimpse into the musical world of Markus Reuter and friends”. Det är MoonJune-records som frikostigt delar med sig av denna feta kompilation. Det tackar vi för.


I assembled this collection of tracks with the intent to help other music lovers to become aware of Markus Reuter’s fantastic legacy. His first anthology, Kopfmensch, is a beautiful amalgam of material, and it leaves you wanting more. This new collection builds on that, and takes several steps further. It was not trivial to put together a collection that both gives a comprehensive view to Markus’s music as well as a collection that is eminently listenable on its own. Like The Beatles’ White Album. Or Pat Mastelotto’s Recidivate or Trey Gunn’s I’ll Tell What I Saw. Or the three volumes of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Or King Crimson’s Heavy ConstruKction. No skips needed. All killer, no filler. You push play, and then, a couple of hours or so later, you realize it is over. You just spent some time with a close friend, drinking a sweet cup of coffee, sharing memories and good times.


Dr. Bernardo F. Quiroga


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