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Cat Food # 38

Nytt nummer av PROG finns nu i butikerna:



Steve Hackett & Chris Squire som är lika med SQUACKETT pryder framsidan.

Innehåller en 9-spårs CD betitlad, "The Butterfly Effect", med bidrag från Arjen Lucassen, Coralspin, Galahad med flera.

Prog presenterar de återkommande avdelningarna Bloody Well Write, The Intro, My Record Collection, Q&A, The Albums That Built Prog, The Outer Limits, Time And A Word, The Musical Box, Take A Bow & Brainstorm.

Artisterna i detta nummer är Rush, Greg Lake, Peter Hammill, Trevor Rabin, Family, Nightwish, Arjen Lucassen, Opeth, Mastodon, Moody Blues, Headspace, Curved Air, Ian Anderson, Tony Banks, Tangerine Dream, Katatonia, Panic Room, Hawkwind, Paul Menel, Tesseract, Steven Wilson, Peter Gabriel, Kevin Ayers, Touchstone, Kevin Coyne, Sandy Denny, Comus, DeeExpus, Martin Barre, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Talk Talk med flera.

Free CD, "P3: The Butterfly Effect":

01 ARJEN LUCASSEN - Lost In The New Real
02 CORALSPIN - Sons Of The Sleeping Giant
03 DEAD SEA APES - RuckstoB Gondoliore
04 FREEDOM TO GLIDE - Rain Part 1
05 INDREK PATTE - Mount Meggido
07 SWEET BILLY PILGRIM - Archaeology
09 GALAHAD - Seize The Day


Se och hör hela Bill Brufords föreläsning i Malmö 7 November 2011 



Podcast-intervju med Robert Wyatt från The Wire kan avlyssnas här. Robert spelar sin favoritmusik och svarar på publikens frågor. 


00aachrisChris Squire talar  i Rolling Stone Magazine om en återförening av Yes med Jon Anderson.

Förra året sa Jon Anderson "People get into that place where they don't care about people, to them, it's just business."

Squire kommenterar:

"I don't think Jon has anything to be bitter about. We cancelled a whole tour in 2008 when his respiratory problems came back. Touring is a tough business. One of the main reasons we aren't working with him now is that he's only able to do a certain amount of shows a week. It would limit our ability to move and make money, really. After we canceled the 2008 tour, the rest of us wanted to work. We all enjoy playing and we wanted to feed the fans' needs – their Yes injections."

Yes nya sångare är Jon Davison (Glass Hammer). Han fick jobbet efter rekommendation från Foo Fighters trummis Taylor Hawkins.

Nu planerar man en  'Yes On Broadway'-show där en lång rad tidigare Yes-medlemmar skall återförenas på scenen.

Squire säger:

"It would reflect the history of Yes. It requires the collaboration not only with Jon Anderson, but also other ex-members, including keyboard players like Patrick Moraz and obviously Rick [Wakeman] would be looked at as well. Of course, it would have to depend on if there's any interest from that side as well. It's something that's brewing, but it's very much on the backburner."

Läs hela intervjun här.


Excerpts from rough mixes of five songs from the upcoming Spock's Beard album:


Man ur huse juli 19!!!

ARTROCK i  Towngarden19 juli 2012 x

Läs mer här.



Dutch Progressive Rock Page bjuder varje vecka på en synnerligen lyssningsvärd radioshow. Innehåller intervjuer, nyheter och nyttig info i största allmänet. Du hör den här.



Påminner till sist om det fina utbudet på Progstreaming. Förstklassig progressiv rock from around the globe, 24/7.

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