fredag 26 februari 2010

It´s The End

Jösses. Det här är så bra att jag i panik lägger ut det på bloggen.

Om jag förstått det hela rätt är det här en norsk trio som kallar sig It´s The End och som gör den progrock we´ve all been waiting for.

Det här är Zappa möter Zamla Mammas Manna möter Meshuggha, som röker på och sedan gangbangar Mahavishnu Orchestra bakifrån.

Och det äger rum i Norge!?

Lyssna på detta! Det är en order!


Drudge - Composer, pianist, guitarist, bass player, programmer, engineer and producer.

Retch - Composer, vocalist, guitarist, bass player, programmer, engineer and producer.

Quibble - Composer, guitarist, bass player and drummer.

Bandets hemsida & myspace.

2 kommentarer:

Retch sa...

It's the End, winners of Progawards 2009

Dear boys and girls, all the mundane members of It's the End are assembled today to celebrate winning the Progawards' "Best Debut Record 2009"! This international award was perhaps somewhat unexpected, although entirely predictable by evolved string theory. Several quarts of absinthe have been consumed, and not only root canals have been cleaned, according to a Swedish reviewer.;-) Somewhere to the south we can see off-tossed pope-strangling madness, and people cannot trust their lawyers or spouses at this point. Expect detailed photographic documentation of this "pardy-hardy-event" to show up on the web in the following days and weeks.

Arigatou gozaimasu

Lars Patrik Stigsson sa...

Save some of that absinthe for me