onsdag 26 november 2014

Moonjune ger dig en 7.5 timmars compilation


Moonjune Records släpper regelbundet samlingar (smakprov) från den omfattande och starka utgivningen. Man kan lyssna gratis via nätet eller välja att ladda ned materialet för en valfri summa. Länk till bandcamp här.

“This compilation features 71 tunes / 7+hrs of music. $2 minimum suggested donation. Suggested donation $5-10.
You can pay whatever You like, and as much You can afford.

Hopefully this samples will encourage You to support even more a truly independent label and all hard working musos/artists on the label, – purchasing MoonJune Records' physical product - CDs - , at a very reasonable price and always with free shipping worldwide, or, legally downloading high resolution digital file on BandCamp.”


released 25 November 2014

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