onsdag 21 maj 2014

Grassroots: United Over Ukraine (2014)


Jan-Erik Zandersson:

Om någon vecka kommer min junispalt med sedvanliga musiktips (den här gången bl.a. enastående skivor med Answer Code Request, Demoner och Brigaden), men redan nu vill jag göra dig intresserad av samlingen “Grassroots: United Over Ukraine”. Det är en dubbel-cd utgiven till stöd för dem som drabbades av våldet på Maidantorget i Kiev, musiken är ett unikt tvärsnitt av dagens ukrainska techno.

Som initiativtagarna skriver: ”’Grassroots’ is by no means a political statement. It is true that this project has emerged from and was widely influenced by recent political and social events in Ukraine that resulted in many people being wounded and killed. However, its only aim is to provide support and help to families affected by those events – hence ‘music-driven charity project’ would be the most suitable description for it. The compilation comprises of two CDs: representing Ukrainian artists and international guests who have performed in Ukraine over the course of their careers, respectively. All profits from the ‘Grassroots’ project will be transferred to Maidan Family fund (http://maidanfamily.org) and re-distributed between short-term support initiatives targeted at families of Maidan victims, medical treatment and rehabilitation of physically challenged individuals, and long-term aid for under-aged children who lost their parents in the events otherwise known as Maidan 2013/2014.”

Följ och stötta projektet här.


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