onsdag 14 november 2012

Yugen - Mirrors - teaser

Italienska Yugen, en av de allra mest spännande samtida progressiva grupperna, släpper 13 november albumet Mirrors. Inspelat live 2011 på RIO-festivalen  i Carmaux, Frankrike.


Two years after Iridule, finally the italian band Yugen comes back with its first live album. The cd captures the show at RIO , in Carmaux,Fest 2011 France, and presents the group in an extraordinary seven-members line-up. As Sid Smith writes in the liner notes, Mirrors is «a dizzying cavalcade of turn-on-a-dime rhythms, intriguing harmonies and striking, anthemic melodies that have a habit of drilling down deep into the consciousness of the listener». The band also pays hommage to the RIO movement playing a Henry Cow’s song, Industry. «Yūgen represents an exciting forward-looking trend in European music» Smith underlines «marrying both intellect and emotion in one seamless and coherent partnership. How successful they are in this endeavour you can judge for yourself by playing this remarkable and frequently thrilling live souvenir».

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