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White Willow strömmar Terminal Twilight

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Norska White Willows nya hyllade album Terminal Twilight kan nu höras strömmande via Aolmusic.com.

Så här skrev Karl-Göran Karlsson i Universum Nolls recension av albumet: 

Slutomdömet om plattan blir väldigt gott. Det här är en platta som definitivt kommer att tilltala fans av Änglagård, Anekdoten och flera andra av de berömda moderna progbanden. Kanske rent av en måste-platta för de riktigt hängivna fansen.

Läs hela recensionen här.

Andra röster:

Anyone that wants to hear powerful and unique Symphonic Prog that doesn't automatically sound like any one of the 70's greats should give this a very close look, and the same goes for those that likes their music melancholic and dark, but with a touch of beauty to it.


Now this is what prog is supposed to sound like! Great ambience, great representation on all instruments, great shifting textures and mixes, great production. I am amazed by the clarity of each instrument's recording in the mixes. Beautiful.

Från www.progarchieves.com


Norwegian prog rockers WHITE WILLOW have returned with "Terminal Twilight", the band's sixth album. It is both a departure and a continuation in terms of WHITE WILLOW's discography. The renewed emphasis on acoustic guitars and pastoral sections, the somewhat gothic, mysterious atmosphere, are all hallmarks of a sort of a "classic" WHITE WILLOWsound. On the other hand, there is an added element of experimentation and playfulness, and a more daring approach to harmonics that takes the band several leaps forward.

"Terminal Twilight" is streaming in its entirety courtesy of AOL Music and their full album listening party series. Get a first listen at: http://music.aol.com/new-releases-full-cds#/27

For the first time WHITE WILLOW has chosen to abandon the high cost/hi gloss environment of the professional studio in favor of their own attic. The album was recorded with minimal, often primitive equipment and has been mixed with very little in the way of processing and editing. The result is a raw, real and almost live-sounding album, warts-and-all - well, relative to the band's meticulously polished last three albums, anyway.

Musically the album has the advantage of having the strongest line-up the band has ever seen.Änglagård/Pineforest Crunch drummer Mattias Olsson returns for the first time since 1998's "Ex Tenebris" and delivers some of his best drumming to date. Newcomer Ellen Andrea Wang, known from Norway's avant-rock ensemble SynKoke, anchors the album with driving, sometimes angular bass lines. And Sylvia Skjellestad (nee Erichsen) returns after a one-album hiatus with a voice that really has become THE voice of WHITE WILLOW. Musical ideologistsJacob Holm-Lupo and Lars Fredrik Frøislie (Wobbler) provide their trademark sounds, the latter in the shape of avalanches of analogue keys - there is hardly a 70's keyboard that is not seeing some action on the album, and the former with aching leads and wistful acoustic fingerpicking. Ketil Einarsen, another WILLOW old-timer and known for his tenures with Jaga Jazzist and Motorpsycho, is ever the flute virtuoso.

The songs, as they often do in WHITE WILLOW, straddle the lines between 'tron-drenched retro prog, gothic folk, art pop and excursions into more harmonically adventurous territories - maybe with slightly more emphasis on the latter than on previous albums.

WHITE WILLOW has, since the release of their now-legendary debut album "Ignis Fatuus" in 1995, had the highest international profile of any Norwegian prog band. The band has played all the major prog festivals, topped annual year's best polls with most of their releases, and sold more albums than any other Norwegian band in the genre. As a part of the much-touted "Third Wave" of progressive rock, alongside the Swedish bands Änglagård and Anekdoten, the band helped spearhead a rebirth of sorts of European art-rock.


1. Hawks Circle the Mountain (7:09)
2.Snowswept (4:12)
3. Kansas Regrets (4:39)
4. Red Leaves (8:39)
5. Floor 67 (9:53)
6. Natasha of the Burning Woods (6:28)
7. Searise (13:10)
8. A Rumour of twilight (2:33)

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