tisdag 16 november 2010

Mojo hyllar Frank Zappa


Mojo sällar sig till skaran som firar Frank Zappa med anledning av 70- årsdagen av hans födelse. Man släpper ett specialnummer i serien Mojo Classic som innehåller nya intervjuer, okända foton och recensioner av Zappas 94 album.

Frank Zappa said that rock journalism "is people who can't write, doing interviews with people who can't think, in order to prepare articles for people who can't read..."

But we don't care. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of his birth, MOJO has produced a 148-page special edition in the great man's honour. Inside: the true story of Zappa, the rock star, composer, satirist, activist and guitar hero, including unseen photos, in-depth stories and exclusive interviews.

PLUS Alice Cooper shares Zappa's advice on dealing with dead chickens ("Don't tell anyone you didn't kill 'em"), Howard "Flo & Eddie" Kaylan on how Frank helped him dodge the Vietnam draft ("Go gay!"), guitar whizkid Steve Vai on what it's like to play with Zappa ("Anxiety wells up in my stomach and I feel like I'm going to shit my pants") and Matt "The Simpsons" Groening on the correct terminology for Frank's facial hair ("It's not a goatee"). All this and 94 Zappa albums reviewed. Dare you miss it?

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