onsdag 11 december 2013

Lucka 11- Jean-Luc Ponty - 1982 Jazz Festival Montreal

En liten pärla är denna konsert med Jean-Luc Ponty från 1982.

Informationen på youtube ljuger inte:

This is one of the definitive progressive jazz rock-fusion hybrid dvd albums, and probably the best of its kind. This is definitely leaning more towards progressive jazz, with lengthy multi-part compositions, varying, complex meters, shifting almospheres and electronic instrumentation. This concert held in Montreal Jazz Festival will appeal more to the fans of Jazz fusion lovers. There is plenty of muscular, chops-busting workouts to please the most demanding progressive-head or fusion afficionados.

00:00 Rhythm Of Hope 4:35
04:35 Mirage 6:33
11:08 Once A Blue Planet 6:04
17:12 Final Truth 5:37
22:49 Jig 4:29
27:18 No Strings Attached 6:10
33:28 Mystical Adventures 16:32
50:00 New Country 3:13

Jean Luc Ponty Violin, MIDI Violin -
Rayford Griffin on drums,
Keith Jones on bass,
Jamie Glaser on guitar
Allan Zavod on keyboards and synthesizer

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Ove, Svedala sa...

Lyssnade mycket på honom tidigt 80-tal, bra fusion.