torsdag 16 september 2010

Youtubeklipp från Waters The Wall turne´premiär i Toronto i går - mäktigt!

So you
thought you
might like to,
go to the show,
to feel the warm thrill of confusion,
that space cadet glow...
I've got some bad news for you sunshine,
Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel,
and they sent us along as a surrogate band...
we're going to find out where you fans really stand!

Konsertrapporter - The Toronto Star, 660News. ABC, Toronto Sun, The Telegraph

Toronto students helping Roger Waters perform his legendary song - video.

Bildspel från premiären här.

2 kommentarer:

Markus sa...

Jo, man önskar man hade varit där...

Anonym sa...

Känner att jag gjort en god investering i.o.m. biljetterna till Globen i Maj :-)
Mr. Pink